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6amtech’s 23 Scripts
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After downloading the code from CodeCanyon, upload the Admin New in your directory and extract the zip file. Stackfood can be installed on your main domain or subdomain: For Example, or


As the admin panel and web app are developed using two different technologies, If you want the web app in your main domain, then you need to install the admin panel in a subdomain. For example, if you want the web app(website) in, then you can install the admin panel in or any subdomain. Later in the web app part you will know how you need to install the web app on your server.

Don’t install the admin panel or web app in a sub directory (like:

Stackfood requires an SSL certificate to be installed on your domain to work with all the services. A free SSL certificate can be easily installed on your domain using

Let’s start the installation-

  • First, hit your site URL, and it will automatically take you to the installation. Click ‘Get Started’ to start.
  • Step 1: All the required extensions and permissions must be enabled. Check the required information if everything is OK, then click on Process Next.
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  • Step 2: Provide your CodeCanyon username and purchase code and Continue.
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If you find the following page, you must activate your domain. Now fill up the information and proceed

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  • Step 3: Now you need to set the Database host, Database name, Database username & password and click Continue. If the database is in your server, then the host is localhost.
  • Step 4: Now, you need to import the SQL file. For this, just press Click Here to import the database.
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  • If you find the following page, that means your database is not clean. Click ‘Force Import Database’ to import the database, which will clear your database first, then import the application’s database.
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  • Step 5: Now fill up the information and click Complete Installation
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Congratulations! Your software is ready to run. Click on the Admin Panel or view the Landing Page.

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  • Default Admin Login URL is Your-domain/login/admin

And Default Restaurant Panel Login URL is Your-domain/login/restaurant


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