6amtech’s 23 Scripts
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6amtech’s 23 Scripts
in One Bundle!

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StackFood is dependent on PHP version 8.1 or higher and MySQL version 5.7 or later. Additionally, the following server configurations and PHP extensions are necessary:

  1. Mod_rewrite for Apache
  2. BCMath PHP extension
  3. Ctype PHP extension
  4. JSON extension
  5. Mbstring extension
  6. OpenSSL extension
  7. PDO extension
  8. Tokeniser extension
  9. XML extension
  10. Zip extension
  11. Fileinfo extension
  12. Gd extension
  13. Sodium extension
  14. Mysql PDO extension

Typically, these extensions are enabled by default on most servers. However, it is advisable to verify the configuration with your hosting provider to ensure compatibility with the project.

Please do this very carefully. We will not be responsible for your mistake.