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6amtech’s 23 Scripts
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Welcome to StackFood #

StackFood is a complete multi restaurant food ordering and delivery solution that comes with full source code. With StackFood, you can add, manage, monitor, and earn commissions from multiple restaurants’ food sales. 

The multiple zone feature allows you to set up your multi restaurant food ordering business across multiple locations in your country. You can also ensure on-time and seamless food delivery with the ‘order confirmation’ feature. This feature lets you define who will confirm the order: the restaurant or the deliveryman. 

Other special features of StackFood include: 

✅ Multiple Cuisine

✅ Food Categories & Addons

✅ Halal Tag

✅ Veg/Non-Veg

✅ Subscription Business Model, etc. 

Here’s a quick glance at what technology we used to build the best multi restaurant food delivery system-StackFood: 

Solutions/ DeliverablesTechnology UsedKey Aspect 
Super AdminPHP LaravelAdmin can give role-based access Multiple commission earning systemManually generate orders with Built-in POS Create promotions Manage orders and deliveries, etc. 
Restaurant PanelPHP LaravelRestaurants can manage their own food
Website/ FrontendFlutter Website and React Website Cross-platform Any device compatible 
Customer AppFlutterAvailable in both Android & iOS
Deliveryman AppFlutterAvailable in both Android & iOS 
Restaurant AppFlutterAvailable in both Android & iOS