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Explore the StackFood Demo

Check out the solution-wise StackFood demo and explore how your online food-ordering business can thrive.

Explore the StackFood Demo

Latest Version of StackFood

All demo data will be automatically reset after 1 hour. So you need to log in again using the demo credentials.

Version 7.7.0

StackFood Admin Panel

Admin Panel

Admin can control & manage complete multi-restaurant business centrally.

stackfood restaurant panel

Restaurant Panel

Restaurants can add & manage food, customers, promotions & deliverymen.

StackFood Customer App

Customer App

Customers can choose location, nearby restaurant & food to make a purchase.

stackfood flutter web app

Flutter Web App

Users can explore and buy food plus they can register as stores or deliverymen.

StackFood Business Website

Business Website

Admin can showcase their business and invite users to join with lucrative offers.

StackFood Restaurant App

Restaurant App

Restaurants can manage their store just like the restaurant panel via mobile app.

StackFood Deliveryman App

Deliveryman App

Deliverymen can ensure on-time delivery to customers and make money easily.

StackFood React Website

React Website

A fully responsive user website that is faster, smoother, and more SEO-friendly.

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