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StackFood FAQs

Let’s see the popular, frequently asked questions about StackFood.

1. What is StackFood?

StackFood is a complete multi-restaurant food ordering and delivery solution. With StackFood, you can combine unlimited restaurants and deliverymen into various zones and provide online food ordering services to customers. 

After purchasing StackFood, you will receive FREE updates for life! When we update StackFood, CodeCanyon will send you automatic notifications. Upload the latest version to the StackFood admin panel by downloading it from the CodeCanyon dashboard.

When you migrate your system into a new domain, it will be redirected automatically.

1. Can you set up the StackFood solution for me?

We’re at your service as always! Explore our installation packages, and let's get started. 

Obviously! There are no limitations. You can integrate as many languages and payment methods as you want.

From the StackFood admin panel, you can add new deliverymen, accept joining requests from self-registered deliverymen, set up shift & vehicles category, provide bonuses & incentives, and see customer reviews. To experience the deliveryman management in StackFood, visit the admin panel demo

There are no limitations. You can integrate unlimited language & payment methods as per your choice.

1. How can I contact the StackFood support team?

You need to create a support ticket to contact our specialized support team.

Our support ticket is always FREE! 

To learn more about our support policy, click here.

1. Can I purchase StackFood License for my clients?

Certainly! But please note that one license is only for one client. If you have multiple clients, you must purchase multiple licenses from CodeCanyon. 

No. You need to purchase multiple licenses to use multiple domains. 

To change your installation plan, please contact support

The cost of StackFood customization varies depending on the project's request, duration, and urgency. To discuss your customization requirements, contact us

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